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Our historic and revitalized downtown is always abuzz with shows and celebrations that bring thousands of visitors for events. The region’s rich and progressive music scene features everything from local hip-hop concerts at shoebox-sized clubs to large acts like Loretta Lynn and Alison Krauss at a 1,000-seat 1920s art deco theatre. Eclectic shopping, an outdoor farmers’ market, two historic theatres, art and history galleries, and museums are a few short blocks from campus.

The country is never far away from the town. Lakes and rivers scatter the landscape and sixty-five miles of greenway trails wind through the city, making Knoxville an outdoor adventurer’s paradise.

We think it‘s a good idea to get to know and appreciate as many different types of people as possible, as opposed to just looking for people who are similar to you. Native Knoxvillians tend to be more conservative and religious than people from other parts of the country, but it’s not wise to automatically assume this is true for each individual you meet. Overall, the people in Knoxville tend to be friendly but might take a while to get to know.

If you enjoy exploring different cities, Knoxville is within a day‘s drive of Atlanta, Charleston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, New York City, and Washington, DC. There are eight states that border Tennessee, so you can easily explore different states and cities on weekends if you have transportation.

Knoxville has two indoor malls: West Town Mall is the largest and is located about ten minutes from campus, going west on Kingston Pike. The other is Knoxville Center Mall, which is slightly smaller and about ten minutes east of campus. There are movie theaters and food courts in both malls. There are also plenty of other shops in and around Knoxville that cater to all tastes: new and used books, music, sports, crafts, ethnic food supermarkets, and more.

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